2040 Transportation Master Plan


The 2040 Transportation Master Plan (TMP) was adopted by the Board of County Commissioners on Dec. 14, 2021. The unanimous vote is the conclusion of nearly two years of work. 

If you’re new to this conversation, Arapahoe County began updating the 2035 Transportation Master Plan in 2020 with an eye toward 2040. Arapahoe County is the fastest growing county in Colorado and as the population grows, so too does the need for County infrastructure. The master plan creates a vision for the County’s transportation network—a vision that is critical to minimize congestion, provide quality of life, ensure shorter response times in emergency situations, and guide future growth. The plan defines improvements, resources, and policies that will keep you moving in and through the County for years to come. The 2040 TMP was developed in coordination with our municipal, regional, and state partners as the infrastructure within our network is shared and managed by varied agencies. 

Plan Maestro de Transporte del Condado de Arapahoe 2040.  

Vision & Goals

TMP Vision

Provide a balanced, safe, environmentally and fiscally sustainable transportation system that elevates the quality of life and integrates mobility needs throughout the county and its municipalities, by providing vehicle, transit, biking and walking options through equitable and forward-thinking planning. 

TMP Goals

  • Promote an efficient and balanced transportation system
  • Promote alternative transportation solutions 
  • Coordinate land use and transportation
  • Continue a strategic management and tracking approach to the County’s transportation system

Recommended Improvements

The Transportation Master Plan includes recommended improvements for all modes of travel to facilitate travel in and through the county over the next 20 years: 

  • Key Corridors 
    • Improvements identified for 24 key corridors that serve both unincorporated and municipal parts of the county 
  • Roadway Improvements 
    • Widening (21 Projects) 
    • New Connections (14 Projects) 
    • Interchanges (7 Improvement Projects, 7 New Interchanges) 
    • Paving (12 Projects) 
    • Congestion Hot Spots (43 Locations) 
  • Bicycle/Pedestrian Improvements 
    • Bikeway, Sidewalk, Bike and Pedestrian Side Paths, Trails and Grade-Separations (80 Total Projects)
  • Transit Improvements 
    • Expanded public and human services transit service in coordination with RTD, CDOT and other agencies

Plan Implementation

Funding: It is estimated the County’s share of all recommended improvements through 2040 will cost approximately $250 million or $13 million per year. This amount exceeds the historical level of funding the County has been able to invest in transportation system improvements. The 2040 TMP identifies potential sources of additional funding to help fill the gap, including federal, state, regional, county, local and private sources. 

Measuring Performance: Five performance measures were developed to support the County’s development of an annual scorecard to measure progress toward meeting the 2040 TMP goals. Performance metrics include:

  • Traffic Congestion: Travel Time Index 
  • Safety: Crashes per Capita and per Miles of Travel 
  • Maintenance: Pavement Condition Index 
  • Multimodal Options: Miles of Bike Lanes & Percent of Population within a Mile of Public Transit 
  • Mode Choice: Percent of Non-single Occupant Vehicle Commuting

Technologies and Future Initiatives - As technology advances, the 2040 TMP identifies potential technologies and future initiatives that could be used to move those who live, work, visit and recreate in the county more efficiently. View the emerging technologies and initiatives described with the potential benefits and possible next steps for implementation. 

Contact Us

Email JKatzer@arapahoegov.com for questions about the 2040 TMP. This email is monitored during regular business hours Monday through Friday. Replies may take up to three business days.