I-70/Airpark-Watkins Interchange Study

Recommendations Under Consideration

Recommended improvements for I-70/Airpark and I-70/Watkins Road interchanges were unveiled during a public meeting on Aug. 25, 2021. You can watch a replay of the of meeting below.

Two recommendations are being considered for the I-70/Airpark interchange:

One recommendation is being considered for the I-70/Watkins Road interchange:

Since improvements may be needed at these two interchanges as soon as 2025, the improvements may be constructed in phases. View the Phase 1 improvements recommended for I-70 Airpark and I-70 Watkins Road.

A complete summary of the meeting, including the slide show presentation, can be viewed below.

The Issue: Why a Study is Needed

Interchanges at I-70/Airpark and I-70/Watkins Road were originally designed to serve the rural surrounding area. The area is now growing with several new developments that are planned and approved in Arapahoe and Adams counties. To accommodate increasing traffic needs, the interchanges will require improvements.

Arapahoe County is leading a study to proactively identify recommended improvements at each interchange to meet travel demands and increased traffic. Improvements at each interchange would likely be constructed in phases to provide adequate traffic operations as the area continues to grow. 

Improvements recommended by this initial study will need to be evaluated in a formal environmental clearance process before design and construction can begin. Timing of construction is uncertain since funding for these next steps has not yet been identified. Current projections of area development show initial phases of improvements could be necessary as soon as 2025. Arapahoe County is actively working with local partners to create a funding plan.


  • Forge partnerships with key agency stakeholders to identify and leverage funding
  • Develop and analyze reasonable and feasible interchange improvements
  • Understand right-of-way needs for preservation purposes
  • Conduct an initial environmental study of the recommendations
  • Prepare preliminary design and identify probable construction costs


  • November 2019: Evaluate existing and forecasted conditions
  • Spring/Summer 2020: Developer agreements
  • October 2020 - June 2021: Develop and analyze ultimate interchange alternatives and a funding plan
  • Summer 2021: Public review of draft study recommendations and final study documentation

Stakeholder/Public Involvement

Public Meetings:

  • April 4, 2019: Introduced the study, highlighted existing conditions and presented potential improvement concepts. View a summary of public comments and meeting materials
  • August 25, 2021: Present draft recommended improvements and phasing plans at each interchange for public comment prior to finalizing study recommendations.

In addition to open house meetings with the public, meetings also will be held with individual stakeholders and small groups as needed throughout the design process. If you would like to invite the project team to speak with you or your group, please contact Leah Langerman (leah.langerman@deainc.com) consultant public involvement coordinator.

Coordination with stakeholder agencies and developers including Adams County, City of Aurora, CDOT, FHWA, Denver Regional Council of Governments, Prosper, and Sky Ranch will also occur.

Join the Mailing List or Submit Comments and Questions

We appreciate your interest in the I-70 at Airpark & Watkins Interchanges Study. Comments are welcome at any time. To submit comments and questions, contact:

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