Five-Star Recovery Partner Program

pic_web_Five_Star_Logo_2colorProgram Update: April 23

Given recent state-level changes to the COVID case dial, the Arapahoe County Board of Commissioners is pausing all new applications to the Five-Star Recovery Partner program. 

The Board will review the program after the latest public health order from the Tri-County Health Department expires on May 16. All approved Five-Star businesses will maintain their certifications, operating under Level Blue capacity guidelines—even if the County’s COVID rates change in either direction—until further notice.

A Commitment to Safety

Arapahoe County is committed to helping businesses operate at the safest capacity possible, helping spur economic recovery while keeping customers and employees safe. Businesses that apply for and achieve successful certification will be designated as a certified Five-Star Recovery Partner and enjoy expanded capacity limits on their business. 

The County’s Five-Star Recovery Partner Program has been approved by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) and will be administered by a committee comprised of officials from Arapahoe County, its municipalities, and the Tri-County Health Department (TCHD).

Since the County is currently under Level Blue restrictionsbusinesses do not have to apply for the Five-Star Program to be eligible for those capacities, but certified Five-Star partners are able to add 50 people beyond Level Blue limits as long they have adequate space for social distancing. We still are encouraging businesses to apply for the program and have their inspection done, so that when the County’s metrics for COVID rates and vaccinations do improve and sustain, approved businesses will be able to move automatically.

To ensure timely review of your application, please carefully review the application process prior to submitting.

How it Works

Arapahoe County's Five-Star Recovery Partner Program will allow businesses that have demonstrated compliance with COVID public health guidelines and safety precautions to operate with capacity restrictions one level above Arapahoe County’s position in the Statewide dial.

As Arapahoe County’s dial position moves, program participants that remain in good standing will continue to operate at the capacities one level above the overall county position

Businesses who receive this certification have committed to providing their customers or clients a safe experience while in their establishments, and have completed the necessary requirements of the program.

Example: If Arapahoe County is in Level Red

BusinessDial Level Red CapacityFive-Star Partner Capacity
Restaurants- Indoor Dining Closed
- Outdoor Dining with Household Members Only
- Indoor Dining Allowed, 25% capacity, 50 people max
- Outdoor Dining Allowed with 6 feet between parties
Gyms10% capacity, 10 per room max25% capacity, 25 per room max
Indoor EventsProhibited25% capacity, 50 people max

Example: If Arapahoe County is in Level Orange

BusinessDial Level Orange CapacityFive-Star Partner Capacity
Restaurants- Indoor Dining Allowed, 25% capacity, 50 people max
- Outdoor Dining Allowed with 6 feet between parties
- Indoor Dining Allowed, 50% capacity, 100 people max
- Outdoor Dining Allowed with 6 feet between parties
Gyms25% capacity, 25 per room max25% capacity, or 50 per room max
Indoor EventsProhibited50% capacity, 100 people max

Business Eligibility 

The Five-Star Recovery Partner Program is voluntary and open to all eligible businesses within Arapahoe County. Businesses are ineligible if they received any previous non-compliance citations from the Tri-County Health Department as of Dec. 18, 2020.

Once accepted, participants are not required to re-apply each time Arapahoe County’s position on the statewide dial is moved, although they must remain in good standing to continue operating at the higher-level capacity restrictions. There is no cost to seek Five-Star certification.

Application Process

Businesses must complete the online application below stating that the business is willing and able to meet all the criteria on the Business Certification Checklist. Please note: businesses with multiple locations must certify each location separately. To make the application process smoother and not delay certification, please review the following prior to submitting the online form.

Verify Taxing Location

Within the application you will be asked what city or municipality your business is located within. This is the taxing jurisdiction and it may not be the same as your mailing address city. Failure to accurately denote the location of your business could delay application routing to the appropriate entity. To determine the correct taxing jurisdiction, Go to our Address Parcel web page and enter your address to verify which jurisdiction your business is in. 

Once your Address/Parcel Info is displayed, click on the Tax Info button and your Sales Tax jurisdiction will be displayed below the buttons.


Review Requirements

Consistent with the State of Colorado program requirements, businesses applying to the program will need to meet the following General Business requirements for certification. In addition, there are industry-specific requirements businesses will need to follow. Please review these items to ensure that you can meet program expectations:

Have a Site-Specific Implementation & Compliance Plan

Businesses will need to submit a written plan to document how they implement these requirements for their specific business and location. If you do not already have this document, this Word template is available for you to complete prior to submitting. 

Application Portal

New applications are currently suspended.

Certification Process

Once a business has successfully submitted their application, the form will be forwarded to the appropriate city or county entity (depending on business location) for review and scheduling of an on-site inspection. Inspectors will visually validate business compliance with stated program requirements, using a standard checklist. Once a business successfully passes inspection and submits any additional site-specific plans, they will receive an email informing them of program acceptance and certificate to print and display in their window. Businesses that fail inspection will be able to correct any issues and reapply.

Read more about the application and certification process on the Resources & FAQs page.

View a list of Certified Five-Star Partner Businesses

Business Assistance

The Tri-County Health department created the Business Re-Opening Task Force to assist businesses in navigating changing public health guidelines, as well as to answer questions about compliance. Representatives are available Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m. by calling 720-713-6030 or by email at Spanish translation available. The department also hosts weekly webinars that focus on public health order requirements and best practicesCheck the website for schedule and registration details. 

Read more about additional resources for businesses on the Resources & FAQs page.

Compliance and Enforcement

The public can file complaints or inquiries about business compliance by contacting the TCHD Call Center at 303-220-9200, or by submitting an online form. Complaints specifically about Five-Star certified businesses only, can also be escalated to the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment using their online form.

Read more about non-compliance and complaints on the Resources & FAQs page.

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