Arapahoe County Building division protects the safety of citizens in the built environment by providing quality enforcement of adopted codes. Building issues permits, inspects work and reviews construction plans to ensure that all building projects for new or existing structures are safe and conform to code. 

Note that our services are for unincorporated parts of the County. Before proceeding: Check Your Jurisdiction

Required Permit Projects

Building projects, as described in section R105 of the IRC and 105 of the IBC, of the current County adopted ICC codes, including amendments posted on our website require a building permit. See the Helpful Resources section below for specific guidelines. 

After obtaining a permit, it is the permit-holder's responsibility to schedule an inspection.

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Use Citizen Access to: 
  • Apply for permits
  • Upload project documents
  • Communicate with case managers
  • Schedule inspections
  • Make fee payments

Check Your Time Opens in new windowIf you have already received an inspection date, you can check the expected arrival time window of your inspector the morning of.

COVID-19 Service Update: Dec. 2020

The following is effective December 2020 or until further notice and is subject to change: 

  • Lima Street office open by appointment only. Office hours are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Call 720-874-6600 to make an appointment.
  • Inspectors have the authority to postpone an inspection at any time if they believe the conditions at a jobsite may be unsafe or jeopardize the health of any involved parties. 
  • Inspectors follow strict health and safety protocols including temperature checks, use of PPE and more. We ask that our customers also follow safety guidelines, please view the full protocol.
  • Building Inspections are being scheduled based on site-specific conditions. If you have a permitted job, use Citizen Access to manage and schedule appointments. 
  • Carefully review the COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for new unoccupied buildings, occupied homes/residential units, virtual inspections and other services.

News & Operational Updates

  1. Permit Fees
  2. Online Permits and Payments
  3. License Requirements

At a Nov. 24 Public Meeting, the Board of County Commissioners approved an increase in fees, effective January 1, 2021.

View Building Permit and Re-inspection Fees