Quincy Avenue / Gun Club Road Intersection Improvements

Background and Details

This intersection experiences significant congestion during peak rush hour times. Long waits through multiple signal cycles are a source of frustration. The County recognizes that working on traffic congestion is a top priority for citizens. The improvements of this intersection will have positive regional impact. 

The new intersection is called a Partial Continuous Flow Intersection (PCFI) and is a modern and efficient approach to reducing delays and travel time. 

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How does it work?

The efficiency of a PCFI is developed by forcing the left turn lane movements to occur away from the intersection. With the left turn movements away from the intersection, a greater capacity exists for traffic going straight through the intersection on Gun Club Road. Additionally, the left turn movements on to Quincy Avenue will occur simultaneously, increasing volume of vehicles through the intersection. As shown in the map, traffic will soon be able to enter a left turn lane about a quarter mile away to continuously flow and bypass the intersection. 

The E-470 ramps also are being relocated to help distribute traffic and ease congestion at the intersection.

Project Map




The total project is estimated at $12,870,937 with contributions from the following.

Arapahoe County...................$4,021,468
City of Aurora.........................$4,021,469
Federal Funding.....................$4,828,000


Call 1-800-394-7020 or email ccahill@benesch.com. Download the Fact Sheet.