What is Colorado MVExpress?

Colorado MVExpress is a self-service kiosk that offers a fast and easy way to renew your vehicle registration. It is a blue and yellow machine with touch-screen technology that looks similar to an ATM machine. Simply scan the barcode on your renewal postcard, or type your license plate number and the last eight numbers of your Vehicle Identification Number on the touch-screen. The machine will accept your payment and print your registration and license plate tabs on the spot!

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1. When can I renew at a kiosk?
2. What types of license plates can be renewed at a kiosk?
3. What if I need proof of emissions?
4. What if I need proof of auto insurance?
5. Will I pay a fee to use the kiosk?
6. What is Colorado MVExpress?
7. Who can use the kiosks?
8. How does the kiosk work?
9. How can I pay?
10. Where are the kiosks located?
11. Can the kiosk do other transactions?
12. Who do I contact with questions about my transaction?
13. Who do I contact with questions about my motor vehicle registration or license plate?