Do these regulations apply to all of Arapahoe County?
No, these regulations apply only to the unincorporated areas of Arapahoe County.

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1. What are the rules for Medical and Recreational Marijuana in Arapahoe County?
2. Do these regulations apply to all of Arapahoe County?
3. Where can I find regulations for incorporated cities and towns in Arapahoe County?
4. Are medical marijuana dispensaries allowed in the county?
5. Can I use marijuana in my yard or on my deck?
6. If I had an existing grow prior to these regulations, am I grandfathered in?
7. What about growing medical marijuana for personal use (or, if I am a caregiver for others, for a patients’ use)?
8. Are there any other special requirements for growing marijuana in my house?
9. Are there regulations other than County regulations I need to know?
10. How do I report a complaint or suspected violation?
11. Where can I get safety information, such as storing marijuana and/or marijuana edibles in a household with children or pets or for my own use?