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Kiowa Creek South Open Space

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  1. This property is not currently open to the public

This property is not open to the public and is used for hay production and cattle grazing.

This open space is being preserved for its agriculture heritage and riparian and upland ecosystems. Kiowa Creek is an intermittent creek that meanders about ½ mile through the 492-acre open space. Hay is produced on 56 acres. This property also contains a livestock corral, now supplied by a solar-powered water pump, a preserved windmill, and an old barn used for cattle grazing. 

The upland short grass prairie is an excellent habitat for wildlife, including ground nesting birds such as the western meadowlark and the lark bunting, Colorado's state bird.

While this park will likely continue to add to Arapahoe County’s agricultural heritage, future plans may call for such amenities as walking, jogging, and equestrian trails, a parking lot and shelter.