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Arapahoe Road Trailhead at Cherry Creek


  1. ADA Accessible
  2. Bike Repair Station
  3. Natural Play Area
  4. Picnic Pavilions
  5. Restrooms
The Arapahoe Road trailhead is located on the Cherry Creek trail at Arapahoe Road. The trailhead includes parking, restrooms, two covered picnic shelters, a bicycle repair station, and a children’s natural play area. 

Please note the bathrooms are closed seasonally from December to April. 

The regional trailhead fills a gap in the County's trail network by expanding connectivity to Cherry Creek State Park and serving several nearby communities including Aurora, Centennial and Foxfield.

Arapahoe County bought the trailhead using dedicated open space funds in December 2010. This is just one of the projects pursued by the Cherry Creek Basin Working Group. With 20 jurisdictions from Denver to Douglas County, the group is working to beautify and enhance the regional trail corridor by adding open space buffers and closing gaps in the Cherry Creek Regional Trail which also is a component of the Front Range Trail.