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Cherry Creek Regional Trail

Subfacility of Cherry Creek Valley Ecological Park

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The Cherry Creek Trail, which runs 40 miles from Franktown in Douglas County to Confluence Park in Downtown Denver, is one of the metro area's most treasured trail corridors.

Approximately 16 miles of the trail runs through Arapahoe County. It can be accessed at the Wabash Trailhead, Arapahoe Road Trailhead, Cherry Creek Valley Ecological Park, Broncos Parkway Trailhead, and 17 Mile House Farm Park. 

Cyclists, walkers, runners and horseback riders enjoy varied scenery as they travel beside Cherry Creek.

From the urban setting of Downtown Denver to the rolling hills of rural Parker, the Cherry Creek Trail offers visitors a taste of the wide range of habitat that call Denver and its surrounding areas home.


The Cherry Creek Trail began hundreds of years ago, when Native Americans and settlers traveled on the Cherokee Trail, which ran along the eastern side of the creek.

In the late 1800s, weary travelers could rest at Mile Houses along the way to receive a warm meal, good night's sleep and a place to rest their horses. Today visitors can catch a glimpse of history with visits to the historic 4 Mile House and 17 Mile House.