What are birth certificates used for?
  • School registration
  • Obtaining a driver’s license
  • Travel
  • Social Security card
  • Employment
  • Genealogy and/or family history
  • Marriage (domestic and international)
  • Signing up for youth sports programs
  • Domestic or international adoption
  • Access to other personal records

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1. What do I need to get a birth certificate for my child?
2. Who can obtain a birth certificate?
3. What are birth certificates used for?
4. How long does it take to get the birth certificate in person, by email/mail, or by online?
5. Do we have to go to the county that the birth occurred in? Or can I go to ANY Vital Records office?
6. Why does the birth certificate print with mother’s maiden name?
7. I don’t have an ID or documents. How can I apply for my birth certificate?
8. I was not born in Colorado. Can I get a birth certificate from your office?
9. When will I receive my child’s Social Security Card?
10. What do I need to make a correction on my child’s birth certificate?