What is the property tax process?
• Colorado Revised Statutes, as amended, require the County Assessor to determine the actual value of property. For property tax purposes, assessed valuation is a percentage of actual value. Specific information on your valuation can be obtained by contacting the Assessor's Office at 303-795-4600 or by e-mail.
• School tax is levied by each school district's Board of Education. County tax is levied by the Board of County Commissioners. City and town taxes are levied by their governing councils. Special district taxes are levied by their Board of Directors.
• The tax levies adopted by the various governing bodies reflect the amount in dollars needed to fund local government services such as schools, law enforcement, detention facilities, fire protection, city and county road construction and maintenance, public libraries, parks and recreation, water, sanitation and drainage facilities, social services, and urban renewal development by cities.
• The factors which determine the amount of tax due are property valuation and tax levy.
• Information concerning the tax levy can be obtained by contacting the governing boards of the taxing entities.
• The County Treasurer is responsible for the collection of taxes and distribution of monies to the various entities for which taxes are collected.

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