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Kathleen Conti, District 1
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Nancy Jackson, Chair Pro Tem, District 4
Bill Holen, District 5

Study Session
February 19, 2019

The Arapahoe County Board of County Commissioners typically holds weekly Study Sessions on Monday and Tuesday. Study Sessions (except for Executive Sessions) are open to the public and items for discussion are included on this agenda. Agendas (except for Executive Sessions agendas) are available through the Commissioners’ Office or through the County’s web site at Please note that the Board may discuss any topic relevant to County business, whether or not the topic has been specifically noticed on this agenda. In particular, the Board typically schedules time each Monday under “Committee Updates” to discuss a wide range of topics. In addition, the Board may alter the times of the meetings throughout the day, or cancel or reschedule noticed meetings. Questions about this agenda? Contact the Commissioners’ Office at 303-795-4630 or by e-mail at


Study Session Topics


Calendar Updates (WHR)

BoCC Administration Manager

BOCC Updates (WHR)

Board of County Commissioners

*2019 Arapahoe County Fair Planning Update (WHR)

Discussion with the Fair management staff and the Fair Executive Team on the 2019 Arapahoe County Fair event planning, logistics, and entertainment, including proposed changes to the parking fees per car and location of the Livestock Sale Dinner

Request: Information/Direction

Matt Bixenman, Fairgrounds Operations Supervisor, Open Spaces
Glen Poole, Operations Manager, Open Spaces
Shannon Carter, Intergovernmental Relations and Open Spaces Director
Don Klemme, Director, Community Resources
Michelle Halstead, Director, Communication and Administrative Services
Tim Aston, Director, CSU Extension, Community Resources
Todd Weaver, Budget Manager, Finance
Tiffanie Bleau, Senior Assistant County Attorney




Department Director Update (BoCC Conference Room)

Bryan Weimer, Director, Public Works and Development
Board of County Commissioners


Department Director Update (BoCC Conference Room)

Michelle Halstead, Director, Communications and Administrative Services
Board of County Commissioners

Department Director Update (BoCC Conference Room)

Manisha Singh, Director, Strategy and Performance
Board of County Commissioners

*Drop In (WHR)

Board of County Commissioners

Proposed Sleep Unit Construction Inspection at Cherry Creek Innovation Campus

Discussion of a request regarding the Building Division performing inspection on "sleeping units" (tiny homes) that will be placed in the City and County of Denver to serve the homeless out of the Beloved Community Village, as the construction will be occurring at the Cherry Creek Innovation Campus in Dove Valley Business Park

Request: Information/Direction

Bryan Weimer, Director, Public Works and Development
Keith Ashby, Purchasing Manager, Finance
Robert Hill, Senior Assistant County Attorney


Town of Bennett Request For Participation In I-70 and SH-79 Interchange Improvements Proposed for 2020-2023 TIP

Request for direction from the Board of County Commissioners regarding the request from the Town of Bennett for Arapahoe County to participate in their proposed interchange improvement project at the I-70 and SH-79 Interchange

Request: Information/Direction

Bryan Weimer, Director, Public Works and Development
Todd Weaver, Budget Manager, Finance
Robert Hill, Senior Assistant County Attorney

*Executive Session (WHR)

Executive Study Session and County Attorney Administrative Meeting [Section 24-6-402(4)C.R.S.](As required by law, specific agenda topics will be announced in open meeting prior to the commencement of the closed and confidential portion of this session) (WHR)

Ron Carl, County Attorney

Administrative Meeting - Board and Committees (BoCC Conference Room)

Board of County Commissioners

* To be recorded as required by law

WHR - West Hearing Room

Arapahoe County is committed to making its public meetings accessible to persons with disabilities.
Assisted listening devices are available. Ask any staff member and we will provide one for you.
If you need special accommodations, contact the Commissioners’ Office at 303-795-4630 or Relay Colorado 711.
Please contact our office at least 3 days in advance to make arrangements.