Internship Opportunities

Unpaid internships at the Arapahoe County Coroner's Office (ACCO) are available in limited numbers for undergraduate (junior and senior level) and postgraduate students in appropriate fields of study. High school students are not accepted for internships. We do not accept community members for shadowing or volunteer experience due to the confidential nature of our work.

How to Apply

Internships must be organized through or approved by the student's institution for credit. Request for internships must be submitted to ACCO in writing, and must include the student's institution and field of study, current GPA, time frame for internship, number of hours needed for credit, and contact information. Internships will be approved by ACCO based on availability. Interested undergraduate students from the University of Colorado at Denver and Metropolitan State University of Denver should apply directly through their respective school internship centers. Requests for rotations for medical students (third or fourth year) or pathology residents are considered separate from internships and should be promptly directed to doctors Dobersen or Lear-Kaul.


Interns are expected to primarily assist autopsy technicians with autopsy performance
including autopsy set-up, collection of body fluids, evisceration of organs, preparation of body for funeral home disposition and clean up of the morgue. Interns will also observe forensic pathologists during external and internal autopsy examinations. This includes opportunities to collect evidence and preserve the chain of custody and learn uses and techniques for autopsy photography and radiology.

Interns may have the opportunity to shadow medicolegal death investigators during a death scene investigation including taking custody of the deceased, collection and inventory of personal effects and medications, scene documentation including photography, working with local law enforcement and crime lab personnel and follow-up duties including notification of next of kin and gathering medical and social history. During downtime, aid with routine office clerical duties is also expected. This may include observing courtroom testimony of forensic pathologists.

Warning of Disease and Stressful Situations

There will be exposure to potentially infectious diseases. Workman's compensation is not provided by Arapahoe County for interns and must be available for injuries or infection exposures through the student's institution. Please be aware that this internship requires full participation with the handling of deceased persons and includes hands-on dissection experience, with exposure to potential emotionally and physically stressful situations including working with decomposed bodies, unpleasant odors, gruesome situations and massive trauma cases.