2035 Transportation Plan

The primary purpose of this project is to develop a unified multi-modal updated transportation plan for the County, which considers the existing Arapahoe County 2020 Transportation Plan adopted March 2002; recent corridor studies (such as the Arapahoe Road Corridor Study, Parker Road Corridor Study, SH83/86 Corridor Optimization Study); the most recent DRCOG plan (2035); and plans of the incorporated cities/towns within the County and cities and counties bordering Arapahoe County. While it will be necessary to coordinate with incorporated municipalities in the County to ensure a comprehensive transportation system is provided, the primary focus will be on unincorporated Arapahoe County. Needs for the County will be identified and other elements will be considered as necessary to finalize the transportation system based on fiscal, political, jurisdictional, and other constraints. The Plan will consider the necessary connections between various other jurisdictions outside of Arapahoe County such as Adams, Elbert, Jefferson, and Douglas Counties.
The intent of this planning process has multiple purposes. The Plan will:
  • Become part of the County's Comprehensive Master Plan through the year 2035.
  • Serve as a strategic plan to provide guidance to the decision-makers in developing the transportation system.
  • Identify alternatives/options and provide input to the decision-makers regarding the local and the regional implications of transportation system alternatives.
  • Help in developing short and long term strategies for implementation, consistent with area land use plans developed by the County.
  • Have a primary focus on areas and roadways within unincorporated Arapahoe County with the emphasis being eastern Arapahoe County.
The updated Transportation Plan will identify potential roadway alignment(s) for new segments of roadways with consideration of terrain and physical/political/institutional challenges, general right-of-way requirements for new roadways and widening improvements, roadway segment laneage, improvement costs, and an incremental staging program. In addition, policy-related actions will be evaluated and coordinated with the physical plan. The policies of the existing Transportation Plan will be re-examined, modified, and additions made to reflect current or proposed Comprehensive Plan recommendations. -more-

2035 Transportation Plan - November 2010