Dogs Running at Large

Rules and Regulations

In unincorporated Arapahoe County there is no leash law. This means that dogs do not have to be attached by means of a leash to their owner while out for a walk. However, it does not mean that dogs will be allowed to make unwanted contact with citizens or dogs. While a dog is off the confines of its own property, the owner must be with the dog at all times and the dog must be immediately responsive to the voice commands of the owner. Dogs tied in common areas are considered to be at large.
Animal Services may not have a leash law but having your dogs leashed is highly encouraged. Leashed pets can promote safety, unwanted pet vs human conflicts, losing a pet, and liability.

Community Associations

Many apartment communities and homeowners’ associations have their own rules regulating their residents and their pets. Animal Services will only enforce the County resolution and cannot enforce these regulations if they are different.

Animal Services will educate any dog owner regarding their dog running at large at the request of another neighbor. Often times an owner may not be aware of what is considered running at large. If an education has already happened and there continues to be a problem, a summons and complaint may be issued with a complaining party and a witness signature to the incident. Please see County Resolution for additional information.