SWAT_thumb.jpgThe SWAT Team responds to emergencies requiring the use of special weapons and tactics that exceed the standard capabilities of Patrol Deputies. The SWAT Team is assisted by the Hostage Negotiations Team, the K-9 Unit and breachers from the Bomb Squad.


The SWAT Team is composed of members who are highly trained in the use of specialized weapons, equipment and tactical deployment. The SWAT Team is called upon when there is a hostage situation, armed suspect(s) are barricaded in a building, during riots or civil disobedience, or in case of a high-risk arrest or search warrant. The SWAT Team is also used for special events and to provide protection for high-risk inmate transports and executive protection for visiting dignitaries. Due to the danger involved in many of these situations, tactical plans are carefully developed to assure the safety of deputies and the public.

Hostage Negotiations Team

The Hostage Negotiations Team's purpose is to establish a relationship with the suspect in an attempt to build trust and encourage a peaceful resolution to the incident. The negotiators are trained and experienced professionals who maintain communications with the suspect while formulating and implementing a negotiation plan.