School Resource Unit

Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office School Resource Officers (SROs) are committed to keeping our students safe and secure in their learning environment. SROs work in the schools using a triad concept established by the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO), working as law enforcement officers, guest speaking in classrooms, and serving as informal counselors. Each SRO has specific training related to working as law enforcement officers in our schools through NASRO, as well as through the Colorado Association of School Resource Officers (CASRO). 

The SROs handle criminal complaints, conduct follow up investigations and enforce traffic laws on school facilities, as well. They also attend numerous school functions such as parent/teacher organization meetings and sporting activities. SROs provide classroom instruction and participate in community-related work groups for youth issues, such as keeping kids engaged in school and other productive activities.

The School Resource Officer Unit works closely with the Littleton Public School District, Cherry Creek School District, as well as schools in Byers and the Town of Deer Trail.

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Please use the contact information below for routine inquiries only. Due to the varied schedules the SROs maintain, emergency messages should never be sent to them by email or voicemail. For urgent needs, please contact dispatch at 303-795-4711, or use 911, when appropriate.

School Resource Officers

  SRO Supervisor
Sgt. Matt Cleveland 720-874-3746
Email Sergeant Cleveland
  Arapahoe High School
Deputy James Englert
Email Deputy Englert
  Arapahoe High School
Deputy Dan Tipton
Email Deputy Tipton
  Isaac Newton Middle School    
Deputy Rob Dahlberg
303-347-7906 Email Deputy Dahlberg
  Endeavor Academy
Deputy Mark Keaney
Email Deputy Keaney
  Eaglecrest High School
Deputy James Mason 720-886-1056
Email Deputy Mason
  Eaglecrest High School
Deputy Ed Bryan
Email Deputy Bryan
  Falcon Creek Middle School
Email Deputy C. Gray
  Sky Vista Middle School
Deputy Adam Nardi 720-886-4840
  Thunder Ridge Middle School
Deputy John Gray
Email Deputy J. Gray
  Byers High School/Deer Trail High School
Deputy Richard Haight
Email Deputy Haight
  Westside Littleton Elementary 
Deputy Mark Edson
Email Deputy Edson
   Cherry Creek Elementary
Deputy Ryan Dasso 
Email Deputy Dasso
  Cherry Creek Elementary  Deputy Rob Bratsch 303-795-4711 Email Deputy Bratsch