Graffiti Clean-Up Program

Graffiti-Cleanup-Slide-10_thumb.gifThe Sheriff’s Office, committed to effective community partnerships and problem solving, has developed an innovative graffiti removal program. Using minimum-security inmates, always working under the direct supervision of a Sheriff’s Office employee, graffiti clean-up labor crews use industrial quality sandblasters, air compressors, high-pressure washers and paint sprayers, as well as good old-fashioned elbow grease, to eradicate these community eyesores. Equipment required for graffiti clean-up has been purchased - without Arapahoe County tax dollars - using funds obtained through the legal process of asset forfeiture.

Program Goals

The graffiti clean-up program is limited to graffiti removal from public property or property within the public right of way in the areas patrolled by the Sheriff’s Office.

Our goal is to remove graffiti within one week of being reported. Citizens are encouraged to report graffiti on public property by contacting the Sheriff’s Office at 303-795-4711. Individuals providing information that results in the arrest and conviction of those responsible for graffiti vandalism in Arapahoe County may be eligible for monetary awards.