Alternative Sentencing Program (ASP)


Colorado State Statute allows judges to sentence offenders in certain cases to an alternative sentence or program. The Alternative Sentencing Program (ASP) at the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office Detention Facility consists of three programs designed to help the offender be a productive part of society.  As a part of ASP, the offender will be able to continue their employment or attend school, support their family, maintain financial obligations and/or attend required therapy. 


All programs require daily fees and Court approval does not guarantee acceptance into ASP. All programs require an application to be turned in prior to reporting and can be found on the website.

  • Work Release - This is a GPS monitored program that allows an offender to work up to 60 hours a week while serving time at the jail. The offenders will be allowed to leave the jail to go to work and return when finished.  Arrangements can be made for full time students and unemployed offenders seeking employment. Offenders are checked on in the field by ASP Deputies and must submit to Portable Breath Tests and Urinalysis on a regular basis.
  • Home Detention - This is a variation of GPS monitored work release that allows an offender to go to work/school and return directly home when finished. Offenders are checked on at home and work by ASP Deputies and must submit to Portable Breath Tests and Urinalysis on a regular basis.
  • Judicial House Arrest - This is a program offered by the Sheriff’s office that provides a flexible home monitoring system, without GPS. Offenders sentenced to this program will be fitted with an ankle monitor and given a base station to install in their home. Offenders must be within range of the base between set times. Any violations will be reported to the court by ASP staff.

Arapahoe Diverts the Mentally Ill for Treatment (ADMIT)

ADMIT is a detailed and specialized sentencing option for offenders to receive mental health and substance abuse treatment as part of their sentence.  Space is limited and there are no fees associated with the ADMIT program.  More information is available on the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office website ( This information packet explains more about the ADMIT Program.

Program Details

The Guide to Adjustment is a booklet provided to each offender detailing the rules and regulations of each program and it will answer most questions offenders and attorneys may have.


The ASP Application must be completed and submitted to the ASP Office prior to an offender reporting for the program. The application, including the Stay of Execution (SOE; sentence start date), must be filled out completely.

Contact Us

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    Sgt. Steve O'Brien


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Alternative Sentencing Program Fees

Sentencing Court must indicate “work release authorized in Arapahoe County” on Mittimus
Students and unemployed inmates on job search $12 + $5.10 (GPS fee)/day
Work Release Double the hourly rate + $5.10 (GPS fee)/day
Home Detention $20.00 + $5.10 (GPS fee)/day
Out of County offenders $70.00 + $5.10 (GPS fee)/day


Even though the courts may have issued written recommendation to participate in a program, the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office has final approval on all individual's acceptance on a case-by-case basis.