Office of Emergency Management


Human caused or natural disasters can strike at any time. The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) provides leadership, planning, education and resources to protect lives, property and the environment in Arapahoe County.

Emergency management works with county departments, local governments, volunteer organizations and the private sector across the Denver Metro Area to develop disaster preparedness plans and provide training and exercise activities.


OEM has authored and maintains numerous plans in preparation for all-hazards events. The primary plans are the Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) and the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). The HMP is adopted countywide and describes the natural hazard threats in Arapahoe County, along with mitigating strategies. The EOP is the foundation that many different public and private entities use to work together during disaster response and recovery. 

Emergency Manager

Sheriff Tyler Brown serves as the county's emergency management director with the day-to-day operations overseen by Emergency Manager Nathan Fogg. Nathan is also in charge of several sheriff's office special operations sections, including the Hazardous Materials Team and the Wildland Fire Team.