Science and Cultural Facilities District

The Arapahoe County Cultural Council solicits and screens applications from eligible non-profit and/or governmental entities for Arapahoe County’s portion of the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District sales tax. The Cultural Council prepares a recommended distribution plan and forwards the recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners for review, ratification and submittal to the SCFD Board of Directors for funding approval.

SCFD Tier III Grant Funds allocated in 2018. 

Apply for Funding

The application period closes in mid-March each year for groups interested in applying for Tier III SCFD funding from Arapahoe County. Learn about the funding process and online application.

Serve on the Committee

The 13 members of the Cultural Council are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners to serve two-year terms.
  • Kirk Bateman – Chairperson
  • David Bondelevitch
  • Marilyn Cross
  • Megan Kennedy
  • Nancy Lindsey 
  • Katherine McMurray – Vice-Chairperson
  • Carolyn Moershel
  • Julie Patterson - Secretary
  • George Peck
  • Sharon Rouse
  • Jeannette Shea
  • Onkarpreet Singh
  • Debra Wilcox – Assistant Secretary 


  • Dan Hopkins