Arapahoe County Foundation

The Arapahoe County Foundation was founded in 1985 to facilitate contributions of funds, property and/or services to programs designed or intended to promote the health, welfare and safety of Arapahoe County citizens.

The Foundation is a Colorado non-profit corporation organized as a 501(c)(3) entity that accepts gifts, grants and contributions on behalf of Arapahoe County and the County's programs, services and special events. Included among these are our Family Leadership Training Program (FLTP), Partnering for the Holidays and H.O.P.E. programs.


We are always grateful for contributions to the Arapahoe County Foundation and our affiliated programs. Donate online or mail a check payable to 'Arapahoe County Foundation' to the Registered Agent's address shown at right. All donors will receive a donation acknowledgement letter for tax purposes.

Board of Directors

Heidi Haines
Commissioner Bill Holen
Brad Hughes
Dr. John Ronquillo
Commissioner Nancy Sharpe
Katherine Smith
Commissioner Carrie Warren-Gully
Todd Weaver

Non-Profit Status

Colorado Non-Profit Corporation, 501(c)3. EIN: 74-2373935 | FFN: 750109729