Traffic Engineering Service Requests

How to Request Services

If you would like to request traffic engineering services in your area such as changes in signing, striping and/or signalization, please contact Transportation Operations at 720-874-6500 to generate a service request. Once a request is received, if warranted, the county will schedule a traffic study to investigate.

Once the investigation is complete, a notice is mailed letting you know our findings and recommendations. The county will not install certain traffic control devices to control speed, such as speed bumps/humps, drainage cross-pans, stop signs, etc. Under Colorado State Statute, the legal speed limit in a residential area is 30 mph. This limit cannot be lowered unless a traffic study determines this speed is unsafe for existing conditions.

Sheriff’s Office Enforcement Options

The Sheriff’s Office also provides residential areas with additional enforcement. They can deploy their radar trailer on a street within a subdivision where speeding concerns exist and also provide areas with information regarding inclusion into a Speed Enforcement Program. To request information on these programs, contact the Sheriff’s Office at 720-874-3600.