Application Process and Forms

Land Development Application Process and Forms

This page provides a number of useful documents related to our land development process.

Presubmittal Application

Most applications require a presubmittal with County staff. If you're planning to develop vacant ground, make changes to an existing site, or are requesting a rezoning, this is the place to start. We do not accept new land development applications without a presubmittal or, in some cases, a presubmittal waiver. If you are unsure about anything, please contact us with questions.

Submittal Requirements

You can find general submittal requirements for different application types here. Though we provide these as a courtesy, please keep in mind that presubmittal meetings are required for new applications. Your planner and engineer will provide specific requirements for your application during a presubmittal meeting. 


Many applications require supplemental information such as letters authorizing somebody to make an application on behalf of a property owner. You can download miscellaneous forms if you need them for your project.