Mapping/GIS Services

Mapping/GIS Services is responsible for creating, maintaining and providing maps to all County departments, residents, developers and neighboring jurisdictions. 

  • Base information for the County's GIS and Internet Mapping Services (ArapaMap)
    • ArapaMap is an interactive mapping system that allows users to obtain information about parcels in Arapahoe County.
  • Base maps and geodetic control surveys for the county's GIS projects
  • Current aerial photography in digital and hard copy format
  • Parcel maps to the Assessor's Office - These maps are also referred to as Tax maps and Ownership maps.
  • Road maintenance maps to the Road and Bridge, Transportation and Capital Improvement Program divisions
  • Special CAD and GIS projects as requested by County departments
  • Zoning maps for the Planning and Zoning Division

Mapping  assigns all street names and addresses in unincorporated portions of Arapahoe County, including those for land development projects; building permits; and any request to change an existing street name and address.  

Plat Review & CMRS checklists: