Utility Installation

Utility Installation within the Right-of-Way

Does my project need plans? If your project contains two or more of the criteria listed below then formal construction plans may be required.

  1. Longitudinal to traffic more than 300'
  2. Transverse to traffic - crosses more than one traffic lane,
  3. Requires lane closure, detours, flagging
  4. Is the street-major collector, minor arterial or major arterial
  5. Is street improved, i.e., paved
  6. Is pavement patching required
  7. Is estimated cost greater than $50,000                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Submit formal construction plans

Relocation Within the Right-of-Way

The County acknowledges that various Utility providers utilize the County right-of-way as distribution corridors to service customers. However, the primary purpose of the right-of-way is to serve as roadways for the traveling public. As such, when a County project improves the primary purpose of a right-of-way and a utility facility is in conflict, the utility facility must be relocated.

To increase coordination of a County project from design through construction phases, the County adopted a new policy on Oct. 12, 2021 to serve as a guide.

Read the new policy

Email questions about a utility relocation

Utility Coordination Meetings

The County’s intent is to minimize the impact of a utility relocation once construction begins. In response, the Utility Coordination Group was created and meets quarterly. Receive an invite by emailing: UtilityCoordination@arapahoegov.com


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