Unit Costs for Improvement Projects

Applicants that have a land use case, which includes public improvements, shall provide Public Works and Development (PWD) with an itemized Engineer’s Cost Estimate of Public Improvements (herein after called “Exhibit A”) associated with the development. The purpose of Exhibit A is to establish the amount of collateral that shall be secured by PWD as a financial guarantee that the Public Improvements are completed, and accepted by the County, as required per the Subdivision Improvement Agreement (SIA) associated with the development. The SIA shall be executed prior to the completion of the land use process.

Exhibit A shall be prepared in accordance with the requirements outlined in Chapter 12 of the Arapahoe County Infrastructure and Design Standards (IDCS) and shall include all improvements considered “Public Improvements” noted therein. In preparing Exhibit A, the developer’s Engineer shall assure that the bid items are inclusive of all Public Improvements and that the unit costs for each bid item are also not less than those shown in the most current version of the Engineering Services Division (ESD) Unit Costs for Development Improvement Projects list. The unit costs contained in this list are considered minimum costs only.

The applicant’s Engineer shall be responsible for estimating, and accurately reporting, the current local market (Denver Metro area) unit costs for all bid items included in Exhibit A. Where practical, unit costs should be generally estimated as “complete in place” costs which include indirect and/or overhead costs related to the project bid items (such as mobilization, traffic control, trenching, shoring, compaction, backfill, materials, shoring, testing, engineering, surveying, construction management, etc.).

The Arapahoe County Engineering Services Division (ESD) will review Exhibit A to verify that the improvements included, quantities reported, and unit costs shown in Exhibit A appear to be accurate and that the unit costs shown are not less than what is shown on the ESD Unit Costs for Development Projects list. Please note that this bid item list is not all-inclusive and the engineer preparing the estimate should provide a comprehensive list of bid items for the scope of all public improvements associated with the development.

User Guide and Unit Costs for Improvement Projects