Engineering Review Team

An Engineer-on-call is available during business hours to answer specific engineering related questions on the Public Works and Development phone line at 720-874-6500.

Business Hours (excluding holidays)
Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Applicants who have submitted to Arapahoe County for development review and have specific questions related to their development may direct questions to the case engineer assigned at the respective links below.

Engineering Division Manager

Chuck Haskins, PE, CFM
Email Chuck Haskins


Sue Liu, PE, CFM
Engineer III
Email Sue Liu

Sarah L White, E.I.T., CFM
Engineer II
Email Sarah White

Kurtis Cotten, PE
Engineer III
Email Kurtis Cotton

Joseph Boateng
Engineer I
Email Joseph Boateng

Engineering Administration

Michelle Lengyel
Business Associate III
Email Michelle Lengyel

Engineering Inspectors

Wayne Habenicht
Engineering Inspector II
Email Wayne Habenicht

Polonia Koprowski
Engineering Inspector II
Email Polonia Koprowski
Keith Johnson
Engineering Inspector II
Email Keith Johnson

Christopher Boyd
Engineering Inspector II
Email Christopher Boyd