Building Permit Application and Fees

Apply for a Building Permit

Using our online Citizen Access tool, you can:

  • Apply for building permits
  • Make secure online payments
  • Schedule building permit inspections

If you prefer, you can also download a Permit Application, fill it out, and submit it to our office. Note that our Lima Street office is open by appointment only. Call 720-874-6600 to make an appointment. 

Permit Fees

New permit fees were adopted by the Board of County Commissioners at a Nov. 24, 2020 public meeting and went into effect on Jan. 1, 2021.

Permit Fee Calculator

Enter Valuation for new buildings or tenant finish work below:

Total Project Valuation    

Permit Fee
Plan Review Fee                  
Open Space Sales and Use Tax

Total Estimated Fees:        


The Open Space Sales and Use Tax is calculated by multiplying the materials portion of the overall project valuation, generally 50%, times one quarter of one percent ($0.0025)

Additional site specific development fees may also apply for new buildings and additions, including possibly RUTIF, Cherry Creek Drainage Basin Authority and RTIF