Allowable Number of Pets

How Many Can I Have?

The number of pets allowed per residential household is actually based on a residence’s zone district. Pets are defined as dogs and cats over the age of six months, pot bellied pigs, and reptiles or other small animals of a type typically purchased at local pet stores, and customarily kept in the home or on the premises for the sole pleasure and enjoyment of the occupants and not raised for commercial purposes.
Pets that are caged indoors or kept in a terrarium or aquarium or confined in a pond will not be counted in the allowed quantity of pets within a zone district.
  • No more than three domestic pets over the age of six months are allowed in most residential zone districts.
  • Most agricultural zoned areas allow four domestic pets over the age of six months.
  • Any breeding activity for profit is considered a kennel and is prohibited unless a Special Exception Use has been approved by the Board of Adjustment. Contact Arapahoe County Zoning Division at 720-874-6711 for this situation.