Responsible Pet Ownership

Pet Dos and Dont's

Owning a pet is a privilege and should result in a mutually beneficial relationship. However, the benefits of pet ownership come with obligations.

Responsible Pet Owners:

  • Recognize that owning a pet is a lifetime commitment.
  • Recognize that ownership of a pet requires an investment of both time and money.
  • Provide health care for the life of the pet as recommended by its veterinarian.
  • Provide exercise and mental stimulation appropriate to the pet’s age, breed and health status.
  • Are aware of weather conditions and don’t leave their pets in a hot or cold car nor in the yard without adequate shelter, water and food.
  • Do not allow their pet to become a threat or a nuisance in the community.
  • Know and obey all animal laws for the jurisdiction where they live.
  • Provide permanent identification for their pet and keep any registration information up-to-date (i.e. license or microchip).
  • Have a plan and evacuation kit in place in case of an emergency or disaster.
  • Make alternative arrangements if caring for the pet is no longer possible.