Animal Services

Dog licensing changes/regulations

An Animal Services Resolution was approved and adopted at an April 28, 2020 Public Hearing. In place of the old process of registering/licensing your dog, the new legal requirement is a current rabies vaccination. Please carefully review the detailed requirements for unincorporated Arapahoe County: 

Rabies Vaccination Required

  • Any owner or keeper of a dog commits a class 2 petty offense if such dog is more than four (4) months of age and the owner or keeper is unable to provide proof when requested of a then current rabies vaccination, issued by a licensed veterinarian. A rabies certificate or tag current at the time that it is requested, and supplied by a licensed veterinarian, shall serve as proof of rabies vaccination.
  • An owner or keeper of a dog is exempt from the requirements of this Section 2 if the owner or keeper can produce a signed letter from a licensed veterinarian stating that such vaccination would be detrimental to the health and well-being of such dog.
  • Read the complete resolution.

Service Area 

Animal Services is a program specific to those living in unincorporated parts of the community and the Town of Foxfield. If you’re not sure what agency to call, check your address and then find your local Animal Services.

Residents of Deer Trail, please contact your Town Administrator for animal related issues. 

  1. Pet Ownership
  2. County Responsibilities

Animal Services is responsible pet ownership through enforcement and education. Owning a pet is a privilege, but also a big responsibility. Laws and regulations are in place to help protect public health and safety and keep owners from allowing their dogs to be a nuisance to their neighbors.