Public Works and Development

Our Lima Plaza office is open to the public during normal business hours of 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday. Please make an appointment before visiting our office at 6924 S. Lima St. 

Most of our services can be provided over the phone, through email or through our website, so calling first may save you a trip to our office. When a visit to our office is required, scheduling an appointment ensures the correct staff person will be in the office and available to serve you on the day of your visit.

Many of our services are available through our website. Use Citizen Access for Building, Engineering and Planning cases, permits, applications and more. 

For questions or to schedule an appointment, please call or email the appropriate program area below. Be sure to leave a voicemail when needed, and one of our team members will get back to you. 

  • Building: 720-874-6600 or for questions and support related to permits and inspections; use Citizen Access to apply for a permit or to check for your scheduled inspection time
  • Planning: 720-874-6650 for planning services or use Citizen Access to check project status 
  • Zoning: 720-874-6711 or email for zoning, subdivision and weed regulations and enforcement 
  • Engineering: 720-874-6500 for general inquiries or Citizen Access to check project status 
  • Animal Services: 720-874-6750 or email for field response, complaints, reports or other questions 
  • Records Requests: 720-874-6500 or email for records related to unincorporated parts of the County 
  • Mapping Services: 720-874-6686 for mapping services and requests 
  • Road & Bridge: 720-874-ROAD (7623) for questions about current projects and/or requests for service 
  • Transportation/Traffic: 720-874-6500 for questions about current projects or traffic service requests 

The Public Works department strives to enhance the quality of life within unincorporated Arapahoe County. It provides safe, effective transportation, and building of communities through quality planning, design, construction and maintenance in the following areas.

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What We Do

Building - Code enforcement, plan review, permits, inspection and certificates of occupancy
Engineering - Infrastructure review, floodplain and stormwater regulations, permits and inspections
Oil/Gas and Energy - Permit Applications for exploration and production facilities
Planning and Land Development - Development review and land use planning
Road and Bridge - Maintenance, snow removal, potholes and more
Transportation - Studies, capital infrastructure projects, regional projects and traffic engineering/operations/ITS

Other areas of operations include: 
Animal Control - Regulations, complaints and animal welfare
Mapping and GIS - Mapping support and geographically linked data
Weed Control - Mitigation of noxious weeds
Zoning - Land Development Code regulations enforcement

Helpful resources/information:
License, Permits and Approvals
Public Notices
Guidance of Colorado Open Records Act for departmental records

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Setting the standard in public works and development

In 2018, Arapahoe County Public Works became the 137th agency in North America and the first County in Colorado to earn accreditation through the American Public Works Association. Less than one percent of the nation’s public works agencies have earned this distinction. Accreditation symbolizes the department’s commitment to continual improvement to the quality of life for Arapahoe County citizens.