Strategy and Performance

The Department of Strategy and Performance leads the development and execution of performance measurement, process improvement and strategy efforts to ensure performance excellence and government accountability for citizens, businesses and employees of Arapahoe County.

Align_Arapahoe_Graphic_logo.gifPerformance Measurement

Performance measurement is the ongoing collection of data on program activities and operations. Arapahoe County’s performance management program, Align Arapahoe, assesses performance against the County goals. As stewards of Align Arapahoe, the Department of Strategy and Performance is responsible for the County-wide review and presentation of scorecard data. Align Arapahoe guides County leadership in planning for the County’s future and provides the public with a snapshot of the County’s performance.

The link to the County’s scorecard data is below: 

Arapahoe County Scorecard Data

Process Improvement

County activities are sometimes complex and dynamic processes that involve multiple departments and/or offices. Currently, the County is building a process improvement capability that will equip employees with the tools and techniques to document processes, identify improvements and implement changes. Evaluating processes and identifying areas for improvement enables the County to improve services to citizens while effectively managing human and financial capital.


The Department of Strategy and Performance assists individual departments and the County as a whole in assessing its current environment, anticipating future changes and planning appropriate responses. A key strategic initiative coordinated by the Department of Strategy and Performance is the annual Leadership Workshop. During this two-day event, the County leaders collaborate on organizational strategies for ensuring the long-term success of the County’s mission.