High Line Canal Working Group

HLC Working Group 2.jpg
On April 9, 2010, Arapahoe County invited 19 municipalities and entities that serve the 66 miles of terrain along the 125-year-old High Line Canal to establish the High Line Canal Working Group. The Group is a collaborative effort to secure funding for projects that will help ensure and protect the unique recreation experience along the High Line Trail. Our Vision is to see that the High Line Corridor be protected forever as an intimate treasure and continuous recreation experience. View the High Line Canal Working Group's Statement of Purpose.

High Line Canal Preservation and Enhancement Planning Study

In 2011, the Working Group commissioned a planning study to help identify potential project opportunities to preserve and enhance the recreational user experience along the canal in Arapahoe County. The study corridor spans a nearly 20-mile section of the canal, from County Line Road on the south to Hampden Avenue on the north. The study was completed in 2012 by Applied Design Services, LLC. View the Study.

Feasibility Study for High Line Canal Crossings

Arapahoe County initiated this feasibility study on behalf of the High Line Canal Working Group to evaluate alternative improvements to the roadway crossings of the High Line Canal Trail at nine locations within Arapahoe County. This feasibility study represents the next step toward implementing and securing funding for crossing improvement projects. View the Study