File a Complaint Involving Child and Adult Protection Services

Positive customer service is our priority and that includes promptly and thoroughly addressing a complaint. Please follow the steps below to file a complaint involving the Arapahoe County Department of Human Services Child and Adult Protection Services (CAPS) Division.

As indicated in the Colorado Department of Human Services’ Volume VII Manual, each county must attempt to resolve complaints within their department before utilizing the state grievance process.

Complaint Process Steps

Please note: These steps must be followed in order to ensure that any concerns are addressed appropriately and in accordance with regulations. If the steps are not followed, we will need to direct you back to the appropriate level for resolution.

  1. Contact the caseworker assigned to your case to discuss your concerns and seek resolution.
  2. If you feel as though your concerns have not been resolved, please contact your caseworker’s supervisor and request a meeting with both the caseworker and supervisor.
  3. If you feel the meeting between the supervisor and caseworker did not resolve your concerns, please call 303-636-1589 and request the name for your caseworker’s administrator. Request a meeting with the administrator, supervisor and caseworker to discuss your concerns.
  4. If you believe that this meeting did not resolve your concerns, please call Michael DeGretto, CAPS Division Community Relations Administrator, at 303-636-1778 to discuss your concerns.
  5. If steps one through four have been taken and you feel your concerns have not been resolved, please send a written statement to the CAPS Deputy Manager and outline any remaining concerns. Within 20 days of receiving your complaint, a manager will conduct an independent examination and you will be notified of the findings.
  6. If you believe your concerns remain unresolved after receiving the findings, please send a written statement to the Human Services Department director. The director will determine the best course of response. A response may include a referral to the Citizen’s Review Panel, comprised of five community members appointed by the Board of County Commissioners, who make recommendations to the Department of Human Services regarding grievances as a part of the conflict resolution process.

Thank you for your cooperation. We look forward to working with you to resolve your concerns.