The Coroner is elected by voters to investigate deaths and issue death certificates. Dr. Kelly Lear, M.D., is a physician trained and board certified in forensic pathology, which is the branch of medicine concerned with the investigation of sudden and unexpected violent or suspicious deaths.

It is recognized that each case that is reported to our office represents the death of a person whose absence is grieved by relatives and friends.To those individuals of Arapahoe County who have suffered the loss of a relative or friend, this website is dedicated.

A Message from Arapahoe County Coroner, Dr. Kelly Lear, M.D.

The Coroner’s Office statutorily and independently investigates deaths that occur within the borders of Arapahoe County. The City of Aurora spans three separate counties; due to the high volume of inquiries the Arapahoe Coroner’s Office has received, please understand that many deaths, including that of Elijah McClain, occur within areas of Aurora outside of the boundaries of Arapahoe County. In such deaths, the Arapahoe County Coroner’s Office has no knowledge of how these deaths are investigated nor involvement in any autopsies performed.

2021 Annual Report

The information presented in this report was compiled on deaths which were reported to the Arapahoe County Coroner’s Office and occurred during the 2020 calendar year. 

View the 2021 Coroner Annual Report