Court Ordered Community Service Programs

Prison Release & Direct Sentencing

Community Service

For offenders who are ordered by a court to perform service hours as a condition of probation or in lieu of a jail sentence, this program offers meaningful ways to provide restorative justice to the community. 

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Community Corrections

The County administers alternative sentencing programs for the 18th Judicial District and Arapahoe County courts. This means direct sentencing into a facility rather than time in jail, or placement into a facility upon release from prison. These facilities help offenders to reintegrate into society, receive supportive services and build productive ties. 

The program is overseen by the Community Corrections Board who screens offenders for placement as a direct sentence or as a condition of re-entry after serving a prison sentence. 

Pre Trial

Release & Supervision

When a judge orders pretrial supervision as a condition of bond, it may include monitored sobriety or electronic monitoring, in-person and telephone contact and mental health / substance abuse referrals. Arapahoe County's Pretrial Officers interview detainees and report to the courts, helping judges to make informed decisions about bond. 

Mental Health Navigation

Pretrial Mental Health Navigators supervise offenders with serious mental illness and/or substance abuse disorders (who have not committed violent crimes). Navigators assess client's treatment and material needs to reduce the client's likelihood of returning to jail. Navigators also help clients understand the criminal justice process and public benefits. For more information, please contact Wendy Wells, 720-874-3366 or by email.