Parker Road Corridor Improvements

Project Goals

The Parker Road Corridor Improvements project will develop short-term and long-term alternatives and identify proposed projects for improving safety, enhancing multimodal travel, improving operational performance, and addressing evolving and developing future transportation needs in the Parker Road corridor between Mississippi and Hampden avenues.

Key steps in the analysis include: 

  • Identifying and working with stakeholders to develop and evaluate safety, operational and multimodal improvements.
  • Conducting public outreach to introduce the analysis, collect input on corridor conditions and needs and gather feedback on proposed project recommendations.
  • Identifying existing and future areas for improvement in the travel corridor from a multimodal, operational and safety perspective.
  • Evaluating improvement alternatives and recommending proposed projects, including short-term (2-5 years) construction projects with potential for immediate benefits.
  • Preparing a prioritized list of proposed projects with recommendations on how to phase projects based on available funding sources.

Project Background

Parker Road is a transportation lifeline for the southeastern metropolitan area, serving commuters and local travelers, transit routes, regional and local community trails, health care facilities and businesses.

This state highway, Colorado 83 (CO 83), is one of only two routes that directly connect Denver and Colorado Springs, so it carries regional traffic as well as serving all modes of local travel and business access. Long-term plans are in place for portions of the Parker Road corridor within Denver and south of Hampden Avenue, but a plan for improved mobility and safety along Parker Road between Mississippi and Hampden Avenues is not yet in place.

In late 2022, Arapahoe County, with the City of Aurora and the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), began developing a plan to improve mobility and safety along Parker Road from Mississippi to Hampden. This effort will consider all modes of travel, with a strong emphasis on improving travel conditions and safety for bicyclists, pedestrians, and transit riders along and across the corridor.

In 2023, the agencies are conducting analyses to better understand the existing and forecasted travel and land use conditions and needs in the area and to gather public feedback about necessary and desired transportation improvements. Both short-term and long-term projects will be identified, and the involved agencies will partner to prioritize them and identify funding for implementation, with a goal of constructing short-term projects as soon as possible.

Close coordination with technical staff and elected officials or senior leadership from CDOT, City of Aurora, City and County of Denver, Regional Transportation District (RTD) and Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) will occur throughout the project to result in a set of broadly supported recommendations and a unified approach toward project funding and implementation.

Project Corridor

The project is focused on the Parker Road Corridor (CO 83), from Mississippi Avenue on the north end to Hampden Avenue on the south end. The project runs through and along unincorporated Arapahoe County, City of Aurora and City and County of Denver.

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Expected completion dates listed below for main tasks are approximate and subject to change. 

  • Corridor conditions assessment: Early 2023
  • Corridor needs development: Spring 2023
  • Alternatives development and screening: Summer/Fall 2023
  • Project recommendations and funding plan: Fall 2023
  • Final report: Late 2023
  • Public and stakeholder engagement: Throughout

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Get Involved

Virtual Meetings

Two virtual public meetings are planned via videoconference:

  • Meeting #1 – April 19, 2023: Project introduction that shared existing and forecasted corridor conditions information and gathered public input regarding existing conditions, corridor needs and desired improvements. Watch a recording of the meeting. View the slide show presentation
  • Meeting #2 – Fall 2023: Present the alternatives developed and draft screening recommendations for comment before finalizing recommendations for short-term and long-term projects in the final report.

Meetings will also be held with individual stakeholders and small groups as needed throughout the project. If you would like to invite the project team to speak with you or your group, please contact

Community Focus Group

A focus group will be formed and meet twice between the public meetings to provide feedback during development and screening of improvement alternatives. This group will provide input about connectivity and safety for multimodal travel and issues important to adjacent neighborhoods. Group members may include bicyclists, pedestrians, transit riders/advocates, RTD representatives, neighborhood association representatives, property owners and residents.

If you are interested in joining either of these groups, please contact

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Arapahoe County welcomes the input of residents, businesses and travelers in this project area. Comments and questions can be submitted at any time by sending an email to

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