New Construction Single Family HUD

Residential Permit Application Submittal Requirements

  1. Read and comply with the Permit guide
  2. Attach to the application:
    1. A Site Plan or Plot
    2. A soils bearing capacity test ((a.k.a. penetrometer reading)
    3. Single section pier loads
    4. Footing plans
    5. An engineer stamped document detailing dwelling hold downs
    6. Documentation showing the design criteria used by the manufacturer for the structure
    7. Manufacturer’s instructions and loading criteria
    8. Bolting pattern requirements 
  3. Additional requirements and documentation
    1. If the dwelling will be set on a permanent foundation, provide engineer-stamped foundation plans
    2. Compliance with Arapahoe County's currently adopted codes, design criteria and amendments
  4. Attachments must comply with these requirements
  5. Complete your application using Customer Access
    1. Select the Residential New Construction > Residential Single-family HUD or search by ‘single-family HUD’
  6. Pay for your permit online
    1. Estimate your fees
    2. Review the Fee Schedule
  7. A plans reviewer will check your application, plans, and attachments for completeness and accuracy before your permit is issued
    1. You may be contacted with questions or requests for revisions through the Customer Access Portal

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