Residential Permit Application Submittal Requirements

  1. Read and comply with the Permit guide
  2. Attach to the application:
    1. A geotechnical (soils) test report
    2. A Site Plan
    3. Construction Documents
    4. A Cover Sheet including project data, such as Arapahoe County Adopted Design Criteria, Adopted Codes, Zoning Information, Drawing Index, Architect/Consultant Contact information, and Code Compliance method for energy conservation
    5. Demolition Plan
    6. Complete Foundation & Framing Plans, stamped and signed by a Colorado registered architect or engineer
    7. Manufacturer’s installation instructions
    8. Manufacturers’ window quote sheets for all windows and doors
    9. A complete set of stamped engineered trusses and truss layout
    10. Calculations indicating compliance with Chapter 14 of the 2021 IRC (additional are provided in the permit guide)
    11. Location of any new sub-panel locations (or if the main panel is being replaced)
    12. Electrical device and lighting layout for each floor level 
  3. Additional requirements and documentation
    1. Where applicable, an asbestos report, reviewed by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE)
    2. A certificate of sewer availability in case of a new bedroom addition on an Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (O.W.T.S.)
    3. If new gas appliance(s) are going to be installed, provide a completed Gas Appliance Affidavit for review & approval
    4. Where an electrical service panel greater than 400 amps is required, provide an engineer’s stamped one-line diagram and panel schedule
  4. Attachments must comply with these requirements
  5. Complete your application using Customer Access
    1. Select the Residential Remodel > Residential Addition or search by ‘addition’
  6. Pay for your permit online
    1. Estimate your fees
    2. Review the Fee Schedule
  7. A plans reviewer will check your application, plans, and attachments for completeness and accuracy before your permit is issued
    1. You may be contacted with questions or requests for revisions through the Customer Access Portal

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