Arapahoe Road Improvement Project


Arapahoe County has identified safety improvements for Arapahoe Road between South Lewiston Way and South Buckley Road. These intersections have been identified for improvements in the Arapahoe County 2040 Transportation Master Plan, City of Centennial Arapahoe Road Traffic and Safety Operations Report and by the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office.

Get Involved

County staff held an Open House on Oct. 12, 2022. Questions and concerns raised by citizens during the Open House are currently being researched. A second Open House will be held in the coming months. The time, date and place of the next Open House will be posted here when scheduled. Check back periodically for updates. 

Operational and Safety Concerns Identified

  • Westbound Arapahoe Road traffic congestion often backs up blocking the eastbound to northbound left-turn lane movement to Olathe Street.
  • Eastbound Arapahoe Road to northbound Buckley Road left-turners have been seen backing up into the eastbound through lanes, causing additional congestion.
  • Since 2018, multiple crashes have been noted at the Arapahoe Road and Olathe Street intersection by the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office.
    • The crash pattern has been occurring an average of once every eight to 12 months during the morning peak commuter period.
    • Three plus times in 18 months warrants a safety fix.

Arapahoe Road Improvement Recommendations

There are three solutions to solving operational and safety concerns on Arapahoe Road between South Lewiston Way and South Buckley Road:

  • Extending the turn lanes for eastbound Arapahoe Road to northbound South Buckley Road.
  • Closing the median break at Olathe Street.
  • Extending the turn lanes for westbound Arapahoe Road to southbound South Lewiston Way.