Land Use

When a property owner or consultant applies to develop a piece of property, the municipality where the property is will then send the case materials to various agencies for comments. Arapahoe County Public Health provides comments related to public and environmental health regulations, best practices for the proposed land use and recommendations to improve the public health outcomes of the proposal. 

The Land Use Team reviews land development proposals for regulatory requirements and opportunities to improve public health outcomes through the use of best practices. Team members will review land use cases when they:

  • Utilize an On-site Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) or individual water well.
  • Involve sewage disposal plans for subdivisions; a review of the water supply quality report of a proposed water supply for the subdivision will also take place.
  • Are suspected of being impacted by flammable gas from a nearby landfill, or if they involve a past, present, or proposed solid waste disposal site.

Public Health and Land Use

The way our communities grow can directly affect the health of current and future generations. How we build our homes, industrial facilities, parks and streets influence air and water quality; noise, wildlife, and other health factors. 

Well-planned development can promote health by making regular exercise and good nutrition the easy choice, creating safe neighborhoods, ensuring stewardship of natural resources, and enhancing the quality of life.

Arapahoe County Public Health collaborates with local governments, other agencies, developers, and the public to incorporate public health considerations into planning and development activities. We encourage the inclusion of health-promoting policies in long-range plans and incorporation of health considerations in individual development decisions.

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