Assessments and Plans

Community Health Assessment

Every five years health departments are required by law to complete a Community Health Assessment (CHA). The assessment provides an overview of the current health status of the County in order to strategically inform and prioritize the health issues we address.

CHAs allow us to learn about the community: the health of the population, factors contributing to higher health risks or poorer health outcomes of identified populations, and community assets and resources that can improve population health. Input from the community, stakeholders, and partners is a critical part of building the CHA. In 2021–2022, Tri-County Health partnered with community-based organizations to engage more meaningfully with community members and partners to create the May 2022 CHA. 

2022 Arapahoe County Community Health Assessment (May 2022)

Public Health Improvement Plan

Local public health departments are required by law to conduct assessments of community health and of local public health capacity and use the results of the assessments to develop a five-year local Public Health Improvement Plan that engages community partners in improving the health of their communities. 

Prior to their dissolution, Tri-County Health Department created the documents below:

Public Health Improvement Plan

2019–2024 Public Health Improvement Plan Mid-Term Update