Arcadia Park

About the Project 

Final Park Design Input

More than 300 people have participated in the public input and outreach process via surveys and public meetings. The park design concept will now be refined based on feedback before being finalized. 

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Planning is underway for a new neighborhood park within the future multi-family and paired-home housing community being planned for the Potter's House Church parcel at 9495 E. Florida Ave. The dedicated public park will provide Four Square Mile residents and surrounding communities with a public greenspace and site for outdoor recreation opportunities close to home. 

Arcadia Park fills a gap in neighborhood park needs and will add value to the community, as determined by the  Four Square Mile Recreation Needs and Opportunities Assessment (2015). Historically, residents of this diverse urban area have faced barriers in access to nearby nature and recreation areas, in part due to busy roadways separating neighborhoods from local parks and trails. 

DHI Communities, with their landscape architecture firm Norris Design, is collaborating with Open Spaces on the park planning and design. Upon completion, Arcadia Park will be owned and managed by Arapahoe County Open Spaces. 

Note: This is a first of its kind partnership for the Open Spaces Department. Park planning is starting now so that the park can be constructed at the same time as the residential development. The residential development is still going through the land-use approval process and Open Spaces has no say in whether the project will or will not be approved. However, a park project will be part of any major redevelopment moving forward on the 32-acre parcel. 

Draft Final Design Concept

A final draft design has been developed and refined based on public feedback. Below are 3D renderings and the final draft concept. 

Click on images to view a PDF containing all of the images in greater detail.

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Arcadia Park 3D Concept 1 Opens in new windowArcadia Park 3D Concept 2 Opens in new windowArcadia Park 3D Concept 3 Opens in new window

The west side of the park features a traditional playground, large flexible lawn, large and small dog off-leash areas, a central plaza for community events or gatherings, and space for community garden to be installed in the future. The east side features walking trails, native landscaping, and a pollinator garden.

Public Outreach and Engagement

Community input on desired park amenities has been gathered through a series of outreach activities. It started with a Dec. 8 public meeting in the Four Square Mile Neighborhood and continued with an online survey open through Jan. 9, 2022. A second public meeting was held virtually on Feb. 1 to present draft park design concepts for feedback. A second survey, open Feb 1-15, collected public input on the draft concepts. The preferred draft concept was then refined and presented during a third public meeting held in-person on March 29. A third survey collected input on the final draft design concept. 

For more information about the park project, contact Arapahoe County Open Spaces at 720-874-6540.

Learn more about the proposed multi-family and paired-home community

Survey #1 Input: Park Amenities

A total of 224 surveys were submitted around desired park amenities. Majority of respondents prioritized wanting a quiet, relaxed space, and natural, with an open space feel. Active recreation amenities such as basketball courts ranked lower than passive outdoor recreation elements. Some of the top desired amenities include:

  • soft surface trails/paths
  • natural play areas
  • flexible-use lawn areas
  • pollinator gardens/native habitat 
  • shelters/picnic areas
  • dog park

Download the Survey Report (PDF)

Survey #2 Input: Draft Design Concepts 

A total of 38 surveys were submitted offering feedback on two draft concepts. Majority of respondents (69%) preferred Concept Two, favoring the size and location of the dog park, a potential community garden, and pollinator/native habitat garden. Respondents also liked the entrance being located off Alton St. and the winter sledding hill. Requested amenity additions included: a small dog off-leash area, multiple pavilions, and a larger playground. Several respondents also indicated that they would like the fitness equipment, winter hill, and labyrinth removed. 

Based on survey feedback and further discussion, the project team developed a final draft concept based on Concept Two and presented it to the community at a third public meeting on March 29, 2022 at the Eloise May Public Library.

Download the Survey Report (PDF)

Survey #3 Input: Final Draft Design Concept 

A total of 21 surveys were submitted providing feedback on the final draft design concept. Respondents especially favored the dog park size and having separate small/large dog areas, community garden and winter hill. Respondents also liked pollinator/native habitat and shade trees. A few respondents requested a larger playground and placement farther from the street for safety. Other comments included: request for more soft-surface trails and natural landscaping, more parking, a fountain/splash pad, and public safety concerns around including a public restroom. 

Download the survey report (PDF)