After-Hours Inspections Program

The After-Hours Inspections (AHI) program is an optional service with a premium fee offered to support our customers in obtaining inspections outside of normal business hours or normal business days.  

Instructions To Apply

  1. Download and complete the AHI Request Form 
    1. Complete all sections on page 1
    2. Review the Terms and Conditions on pages 2 – 3  
    3. Agree to the Terms and Conditions on page 4 by typing or inserting your signature and date
  2. Email the completed application no less than three business days (72 business hours) before the requested AHI date to: 
    1. for Building Inspections, or 
    2. for Engineering Inspections


  1. All fees charged for this program are in addition to normal permitting and inspection fees 
  2. The fee is $110 per hour per inspector most days and times, except New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day, or the observed county equivalent, when the fee will be $125 per hour per inspector 
  3. There is a two-hour minimum charge for all AHI work 
  4. All fees above the two-hour minimum are charged in full one-hour increments  
  5. Deposits are required for approved AHI work  
  6. See the AHI Request Form for more information about this program, including additional information on fees, the required deposit, and cancellation policy  


  1. Public Works and Development (PWD) must receive the completed application no later than three business days (72 business hours) before the requested inspection date 
  2. PWD inspections staff participation is voluntary, and scheduling is based on staff availability 
  3. PWD will inform applicants on the status of the request before the requested inspection date and time  


Customers may notify us of the need to cancel the AHI work after the AHI request was processed and the initial deposit fee was paid. A full refund of the deposit will be issued only if notice of the cancellation is provided to PWD by the customer at least two business days prior to the scheduled AHI

Learn more about the program directive, fees, and requirements 

Direct your questions about this program to: for Building Inspections, or for Engineering Inspections