Residential Permit Application Requirements

Find out what you need to apply for a specific residential permit by clicking the name of the permit below.

For the best viewing experience please open PDF documents contained in this website with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

If any work is done directly by the homeowner instead of a licensed contractor, please provide a signed certificate for owner-generated permits.

Attention: Due to changes to Code and Design Criteria based on 2021 International Building and International Residential codes, our website is currently being updated. The commercial and residential permit instructions and guidelines are being changed to address updates and requirements of current best practices for building regulations. The new Code and Design Criteria when into effect on April 1, 2022.

In the event a remodel, addition or alteration has been done to an existing structure without a required permit, here is a step-by-step guide on how to perform corrective measures. Permits ensure that all building projects for new or existing structures are safe and conform to code. 

Follow our required Electronic File Naming Conventions when submitting electronic documents. 

Residential Remodel and Renovation 

AdditionGround Mounted Solar
Air ConditionerHot Tub
Air Conditioner and FurnaceMiscellaneous Plumbing Repair
Air Conditioner, Furnace, and Water Heater (not tankless)Patio Cover
Air Conditioner and Water Heater (not tankless)Patio Enclosure
Basement FinishPool and Spa
Boiler ReplacementPorch (uncovered)
Deck (uncovered)
Remodeling of Existing Structure without Permit
Reroof for Solar Shingles
Dishwasher Drain Detail
Reroof (not tile)
Dryer Duct Policy
Retaining Wall
Electrical Service Upgrade up to 200 Amp
Roof Mounted Solar
EV Charger
Roof Solar Shingle
Expansion Tanks for Boilers and Water Heaters
Shower Pan
Foundation Only
Swamp Cooler
Furnace and Water Heater (not tankless)
Tankless Water Heater
Gas Appliance Addition or Replacement
Water Heater (not tankless)
Gas Appliance Installation
Water Softener
Gas Log Installation
Window and/or Door Replacement

Residential New Construction

BarnSales Office (Garage Conversion)
Foundation OnlySingle Family Home
Detached Garages and Accessory Structures over 120 sq. ft.Single Family Mobile Home
Master PlanSingle Family Modular or Manufactured Home
Modular Office Installation
Single Family Residential Permit Requirements Checklist
Retaining Wall

Building Permit Forms, Affidavits, and Information

Asbestos (Colorado State Guidelines)Foundation Inspection Report
Building Component AffidavitGas Appliance Affidavit
Building CO/TCO Submittal Item List
Insulation and Energy Loss Affidavit (Residential)
Certificate for Owner-Generated Permits
Rural Driveway Acknowledgement Affidavit
Contractor Information

Arapahoe County Amended ICC Building Guides

Arapahoe County Amended ICC Basement Building Guide
Arapahoe County Amended ICC Deck Building Guide