What is Arapahoe County?

We get it: your knowledge of Arapahoe County may be limited to property tax statements and license plates—and maybe the occasional shout out on TV during severe weather. But less obvious are the hundreds of services provided by Arapahoe County government. 

The Arapahoe County government serves our communities in ways both obvious and obscure. As the beating heart of local and regional government, we’re here for our neighbors on their best days—and their worst. Our elected officials and employees share our residents’ goals of preserving our quality of life, whether urban, suburban or rural, on our roads or on our trails, at home or at work. 

So, how do we do it?

We support our residents and businesses through hundreds of programs and services, each designed to support and nourish our community. And while you may only need to access a handful of services, we want to ensure that you know what is available to you as a resident.

Here, we’ll feature everyday examples that demonstrate how we do what we do, and why. The stories and information you’ll see on this page will highlight the services our county offers either primarily or exclusively—everything from running elections to awarding building permits to maintaining roads and bridges—so you can more easily determine what you need and where and how you can get it.

This project is meant to evolve as needs and demands change, so we encourage you to check back to discover more about what your county government does for you. Have a suggestion? We’d love to hear it! Poke around below to learn more about your County. 

  1. Image of Arapahoe County Planning Division Manager Jason Reynolds

    Affordable housing is no game

    Local leaders use strategy, tools to help make home ownership affordable Read on...
  2. Arapahoe County logo

    Get to Know Arapahoe

    Like you, the County must prioritize expenditures every year, even when faced with economic uncertainty Read on...
  3. County-Commissioners

    Get to Know Arapahoe: The Role of County Commissioners

    Watch this short video that outlines the many ways the Board of Commissioners helps ensure our communities’ economic health, public safety, legislative effectiveness and overall quality of life Read on...
  4. SMP_CL_Veteran_Services_Office

    New Arapahoe County Veterans Service Office location addresses community needs

    Video describes how jointly funded office in Aurora is assisting veterans Read on...
  5. pic_suburb

    Arapahoe County Assessor PK Kaiser outlines 2021 tax assessment process

    Area real estate market remains strong despite pandemic effects Read on...
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