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Program Update: April 23

Given recent state-level changes to the COVID case dial, the Arapahoe County Board of Commissioners is pausing all new applications to the Five-Star Recovery Partner program. 

The Board will review the program after the latest public health order from the Tri-County Health Department expires on May 16. All approved Five-Star businesses will maintain their certifications, operating under Level Blue capacity guidelines—even if the County’s COVID rates change in either direction—until further notice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Application & Certification Process
  2. Business Requirements
  3. Non-Compliance & Complaints

Q: I submitted my application – can I start operating at the higher capacity limits?
A: No, there is no provision for self-certification. An inspection must be completed prior to receiving your certificate.

Q: I submitted my application! What’s next?
A: Depending on where your business is located, your application will be sent to either city or county staff for review and a live inspection will be scheduled. Once a business passes inspection and additional information is received, you’ll be certified for program participation.

Q: Why was I rejected from submitting an application?
A: If a business isn’t complying with the stated requirements, the application will redirect you to resources and additional information to ensure future compliance. We encourage you to read the guidelines, implement appropriate measures and reapply.

Q: Will this application cover all locations of my business?
A: No. You must submit an application for each individual location.

Q: How long will it take to be certified?
A: We are unable to commit to a set deadline at this time. Please know we’re processing applications as quickly as possible, recognizing how critical increased capacity is to business sustainability. We appreciate your patience.

Q: Is there any protection against potentially retaliatory employees or customers who may report a false compliance issue in order to have a business decertified? 
A: Not from a legal standpoint. That’s why we do education on the first call and require visual verification prior to issuing a written warning. More information on the program’s compliance process is available on the Non-Compliance & Complaints tab of the FAQs.

Q: Can a business chose to decertify themselves? 
A: Yes. The Five-Star Recovery Partner Program is voluntary. If decertification is desired, the applicant point of contact should email requesting to do so.